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Raw Castings...

The castings we supply in our kits are un-machined commercial sand castings. These castings will require machining such as milling, boring, turning, drilling and tapping of holes. Because these parts are not "ready to assemble" they can provide a challenging and rewarding project for the home machinist.

          Raw Casting Kits

Above is an example of one of the castings in our kits. As one can see, there are no machine finished surfaces. This part would require machining such as boring a hole in the center hub for the shaft. Additionally, set screw holes would need to be drilled and tapped into the hub. It would also require machining of the outer face of the rim as well as de-burring and sanding the inner spoke area.


Stove Fan Casting Kit

Shown here is one of our casting kits. Notice that there are many of parts necessary to complete the finished product which are NOT included in the casting kit. For comparison, we have shown a finished stove fan below. We DO NOT provide completed products like the stove fan shown below, this is for example only.

Stirling Cycle Stove Fan


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