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Rider-Ericsson Hot Air Water Pumping Engine
5 in. Bore

Hot Air Water Pumping Engine

5 in. Bore Casting Kit

5 in. Rider Ericsson
“Big Brother”

The 5 in. Rider Ericsson Hot Air Pumping engine was designed and built by brothers, Brent and Lee Myers. It is nicknamed the “Big Brother” to their brother Dean Myers' 3 in. Rider Ericsson. It is the largest kit in our line of Riders ranging from 1, 2, 3 in. and now the 5 in. bore. As far as we know, we are the only one selling castings and prints for the 5 in. engine.

The casting kit is now available for sale. The kit can be purchased with a machined flywheel and cylinder for a small price. The remaining machining can be done in most home shops.

General specifications

  • 5 in. diameter cylinder bore
  • 47 ½ in. high(top of flywheel)
  • 34 in. long
  • 17 in. deep
  • 20 ½ in. flywheel
  • Aluminum castings

Call for pricing and shipping.

Hope you have as much FUN building the engine as we did!

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