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Our desire at Myers Engine Works is to supply the home machinist with quality raw castings and prints for some fun and challenging projects. We produce several scale model casting kits of antique Steam and Stirling cycle engines of the past. These casting kits are for the serious machinist/modeler and are not ready to assemble. These kits contain drawings and raw castings that will require machining such as milling, boring, turning, drilling and tapping of holes, as well as fabricating miscellaneous parts. Although these can be challenging engines to build, they can add a rare piece of history to any modelers collection.

In 2007 we brought you the "Improved" Rider-Ericsson water pumping engine in the 1 1/4" bore.

In 2008 we made available our Stirling Cycle Hot Air Stove Fan Engine for you. These hot air fans are fun to build and fun to watch work!

Stirling Engine Casting Kit

Our Stirling Cycle Stove Fan Engine Casting Kit has been very popular. We have been out of stock on this engine casting kit for some time... but not any longer!  We are now able to fill orders on our stove fan casting kit and would be happy to send one your way. Thank you for waiting!

Wanted, suggestions for a new model. We are looking to build patterns and drawings for a new model.
Have you built a model engine? We are starting a new page with photos of your finished engines. These models can be ones you have made from scratch, from our castings, or  from another supplier.
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See photos of the hand crafted 30 ft. steam boat by Clarence and Gayle Myers "Truly a work of art"
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